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Reconnect With Your Truth & Unearth Your Limitless Birthright!

``Contary to what they tell you.. You are not a limited material being`` Amit Goswami Ph.D

 For too long we have been disconnected from the wisdom that lives within us. The world has been developed in a way that our focus has been on seeking external validation; and we have forgotten that we are whole and complete. We have forgotten that we are made of the same substance that makes up the cosmos; and that the energy within us has been around for eons. We have forgotten that all we need to be happy is already within our own hearts—and it’s time to remember. It is time to remember and reconnect to who we’ve always been. Click the button below to unlock your ancient wisdom in a modern world, and truly OWN your limitless potential.

It is time to remember and reconnect. Click the button above to unlock your ancient wisdom in a modern world.

Meet The Author


Kate has always been seeking for that “missing” something in life and has great empathy for the suffering of humanity. Despite feeling a call to serve, she first endured much of her own trauma and suffering. In an attempt to fill her own pain, she went on a journey through darkness in her early twenties, suffering from deep drug addiction, homelessness and a myriad of mental illnesses.

From a desire to heal herself FIRST, Kate spent over a decade learning tools so she could transform her own life. Knowing and overcoming her own darkness has inspired her to pass on the skills she learned from masters, gurus, yogis, monks and teachers from all over the world. These tools come together to make her Beyond Ego Method, which she uses today to support people in breaking through and stepping into their limitless potential.

Kate is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher. She has a degree in Buddhist Philosophy & in Psychology. Kate is also a student of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, a student of the work of self inquiry (advaita) with Mooji Baba, a student of Shamanic Herbalism and student of THE WORK by Byron Katie.


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