Hello Beloved, My Name Is

Kate Chiffey-Gray

I am otherwise known as the spiritual compass. Not because I am the answer to your problems, YOU are your own answer. However, I can guide you home to find the answers that resides in your own heart.
I have been seeking for that “missing” something in life for as long as I can recall. I was introduced to the teachings of OSHO and his work at a very young age through my beloved Uncle, who was a disciple of his in India. These teachings were imprinted on my heart a deep love for truth, life and discovering a way to live free from suffering. At the age of 8 I made a commitment to myself that I would find a way to free myself and humanity from suffering, so I embarked on a life long journey to discover that truth.

Along the way to discovering this truth there were a few speed bumps! A childhood subjected to psychological and emotional abuse lead me on a detour into a world of drugs and partying. This lead me on a journey through the darkness in my early twenties, suffering from deep drug addiction, homelessness and a myriad of mental illnesses. Despite enduing this dark night of the soul, the teachings of OSHO and my deep desire to free myself and humanity from suffering remained in my heart and originally lead me out of the darkness..

Intuitively I knew the only way to heal the world and end suffering was to first do it within my own life. I spent over a decade learning tools so I could transform my own life. Knowing and overcoming my own darkness has allowed me to pass on the skills she learned from masters, gurus, yogis, monks and teachers from all over the world.

Immersing myself in this 17 year journey for truth graciously lead me to a deep awakening and now I sit in the deepest peace free from suffering. Now I have the honour of guiding others to do the same at my retreats and mentorship programs.

For all the formal stuff lovers I am also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and once upon a time I got a degree in Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology.

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