The Spiritual Compass

Kate Chiffey-Gray

The Two Methods Kate Uses To Guide You To Your Freedom

Self Inquiry

Self inquiry is a method of peeling back the layers of illusion of who you think you are to discover who you really are; “pure conscious awareness”. By paying close attention to the ‘I’-thought, this ‘I’-thought will disappear and only the self-awareness remains. From this point one can free themselves from the constraints of the mind and limited conditioning. The object of enquiry is to find the true nature of the Self as Awareness. Self inquiry is one of the quickest and most direct routes to freedom.

Plant Medicine

Plant medicine as ancient tool to assist people to free themselves from suffering and fully heal. It has been utilised by ancient indigenous tribes across the globe for thousands of years. When used correctly allows us to experience the truth of who we are, which is infinite and timeless. It is a powerful healing tool thats is also being used medicinally and therapeutically for things such as PTSD, drug addiction, depression and cluster headaches.

So who is

Kate Chiffey-Gray

Finding truth and the meaning of life has been a life long journey for me. At the age of 8 I made a commitment to myself that I would find a way to free myself and humanity from suffering, so at a young age I embarked on a journey to discover that truth. Along the way to discovering this truth there were a few speed bumps! A childhood subjected to psychological and emotional abuse lead me on a detour into a world of drugs and partying…

Because A Life Of Freedom Is Everyone's Birth Right

What Kate Offers

Work With Kate Personally With A 1-1 Mentorship

This one on one journey into your limitless truth through using self inquiry, somatic practices, ancient wisdom, ritual and plant medicine (optional) to awaken your truth, purpose and unstoppable power.

Ancient Awakening Plant Medicine Retreats

The plant medicine retreat offers a sacred, compassionate, and powerful space to begin your journey of transformation–guiding you every step of the way as you uncover the energetic roots of any trauma, negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, or spiritual imbalance.

The Pathway To Peace Retreat

This Retreat is a 4-Day residential experience. It is a powerful opportunity to immerse yourself fully in your true nature and to experience a period of deep introspection and contemplation by allowing you to fully turn your attention inwards without your usual daily demands and distractions.


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