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Kate Chiffey-Gray

Plant Medicine

Kate utilizes plant medicine as a vessel to assist people to fully awaken. Plant medicine allows us to embody and experience the truth of who we are. Because of this it creates a catalyst for healing and overcoming the ego like nothing else (when guided and integrated correctly). In Australia Kate is a very vocal advocate for the legalization of plant medicine for medicinal and therapeutic purposes and has been featured in numerous documentaries, podcasts and events sharing her knowledge, experience of the medicine and its power.

Self Inquiry

Self inquiry is a method of peeling back the layers of illusion that you think are you until you discover who you truly are. It is ancient technique birthed by Ramana Maharshi and is a non dualistic tradition. Self inquiry is a method Kate has used in her own journey, as well as with students and it is one of the quickest and most direct routes to self realisation.


The word somatic means wisdom of the body. Science now has proven that our bodies are made up of pieces of the cosmos that flew here from thousands of miles away. Within our body is a intricate and ancient wisdom that has traveled the cosmos and knows how to heal and free us. This intrinsic wisdom in our bodies has been lost and blocked in this modern world. Kate utelises somatic process,from breathe work to OSHO’s famous Dynamic meditation to not only cleanse the cellular memory of your limiting beliefs, to also heal you and to unlock the power of the ancient wisdom of the body to liberate you to freedom.

So who is

Kate Chiffey-Gray

Kate has always been seeking for that “missing” something in life and has great empathy for the suffering of humanity. To find out more about Kate and her journey click the button below.


Full Awakening

Kate’s philosophy is full awakening or enlightenment is possible for everyone. She teaches that we are already whole and complete and we have simply forgotten. As we form our identities in the world and the ego forms, we develop what Kate calls a spiritual amnesia and embark on a life that at times causes deep suffering as we believe we are incomplete and separate from Source. Once we start to wake up and remember who we are in order to re connect to our truth we must let go over our old identities, trauma, programs and beliefs we have lived for many years. Because as we remember the truth we must cleanse, shed and reprogram the illusion we have believed for so long. Kate teaches not only do we need to release the psychological programming but also the cellular memory stored in the body. This is why her method engages self inquiry and somatic release techniques.

KATE'S Vision

Focus On Self

Kate believes that if people can turn within and focus on their own awakening above all else we can transform the world. As each person liberates from the illusory self it gives permission for others to do the same. As this occurs there will be a small shift as light begins to dissolve the darkness and as the new wave of conscious children begin to step in and lead we will be able to create a World that is unified, peaceful and loving.

KATE'S Mission

Liberation For All

Kate’s mission is to liberate as many humans as she can before she departs the earth and her body in this incarnation. She has no interest in creating followers, she doesn’t want to be any one’s Guru, her focus is on empowering other awakened beings to shine their light brightly and lead the way to liberate others. Her mission is to create a collective of awakened beings who lift up others so we as a species can rise together as one.

Because Full Awakening Is Everyone's Birth Right

What Kate Offers

Ancient Wisdom In A Modern World

4 week Online Program

Beyond Ego - Self Realisation

The Beyond Ego “SELF REALISATION” online AND in person mentorship is a program that guides you to seamlessly integrate spirituality without all of the nonsense and fluff.
For more information please click below.

Ancient Awakening Retreats (Vanuatu)

The retreat offers a sacred, compassionate, and powerful space to begin your journey of transformation–guiding you every step of the way as you uncover the energetic roots of any trauma, negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, or spiritual imbalance. For more information please click below.


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